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Why Me? Why hire me as your Lifestyle Organizer?  

I understand people and processes.  I grew up in North Dakota as the oldest of 3 sisters.  In a large family, you learn many lessons that help you get along with many different types of personalities.   I have a degree in Psychology and have spent over 10 years working as an entreprenuer looking for ways to maximize my time and help others do the same.  I have volunteered my time coaching other business owners how to grow their businesses to make more money.  I also volunteer my time helping local nonprofits. I donate my time to help implment projects that promote economic development with an emphasis on shop local.

I fell into organizing by accident.  I realized that many business owners just need more time.  To gain more time, one must create systems that allow them to live their lives.  Most people struggle with too much to do and not enough time. They have every desire to be organized but they just need an extra hand.  I had the opportunity to take on several organizing projects because of my cleaning business (Green Gals Cleaning, LLC  which won AngiesList Super Service Award 2011).  Helping cients get organzied was an extension of my cleaning business.  I gained valueable experience working with prior clients.  I realized that to organize effectively, you must understand what the client wants and feel comfortable with one another to create a plan that works.

My background working with people has taught me that everyone is different and everyone has a different perception of the world.  I believe in a win/win model of business. If it's best for all parties, then it's a win/win but if not, it's not good business.  I work with each individual to meet their needs not my perception of "how things should go or look."  I also understand that organizing can take years but it's about taking the time to start.  It's about creating systems that work.  It's about changing habits to include picking up, scheduling time to clean. it's about doing it because you want to increase your time with your family, be less stressed, focus more on your hobbies.  It's about giving yourself permission to ask for help.  It's about moving forward, one step at a time, with an associate who is there to help you reach your goal and hold you accountable to enter a state of Mental Happiness.