"My mother needed much more than dusting and mopping, she needed hard core clutter removal, cleaning and organizing. The kitchen cabinets were stuffed full of old food and a ton of other things many that did not belong. Her hall and heating unit closets were both a filthy mess. Her laundry room was her last hold out and it was was piled high with stuff. I wanted a company who could engage my mother in the transition process and deal with her objections over letting her stuff go.....They worked very well with my mother and as promised transformed the spaces they worked on. They bought the organizational items needed. This was very much a custom job, they found out what we as a family needed since we were paying for the project and what my mother needed to help her live her new lifestyle. They communicated well with me via email and phone calls (since I live 6 hours away) and with my mother. As a company they offered unique skills that most cleaning companies lack the "know how" to do. We feel fortunate to have found them and are most thankful!- Amber Grady, Angies List Member

Jacksonville, FL

Same Owner (Green Gals Cleaning now Mental Happiness)  

*References available upon request *

Before Hall Closet- Problem couldn't find anything. 

After - Closets organized with label & placed in correct position for frequent use.

Before Kitchen cabniet- prime space small kitchen useable object space is key

After- used this place to store glasses ones clients wanted to keep close.